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Individual Counselling

No two learners' paths along the journey of education are the same. Individual guidance sessions aim to help learners to develop criteria for their next step in education, guide learners in researching study courses and create a shortlist of universities for application.

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Application Process

Are you needing help with negotiating applications and finalising your personal statement? This can be done one on one or in a classroom setting with a group of up to 10 learners who are ready to apply.

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Group Engagements

Do you have learners and parents who need information on where to get started for international university education? Maybe an evening information session for parents and learners OR a group counselling session for up to 30 learners at a time to engage in The Learner’s Journey flagship program. Group guidance sessions help learners to develop criteria for their university search.


Let me help you on your journey to greatness!

Hi, I'm Heidi Sulcas!

The question that I hear most often from parents and learners, “where do I start?”

Together, through a series of conversations either online or in person, I will help you to find an international university that best suits your needs. Whether you seek a university that is in a particular country, or the middle of the city, or in a campus town, or a large campus, or a small campus, or renowned for a specific subject choice I will guide you with unbiased and accurate information to the university with will ignite your journey forward.

Being a graduate of acclaimed international universities, and having lived as an immigrant, I have a deep appreciation for the excitement and challenges that face you at the start of this jounrey to a university abroad.

I have helped hundreds of learners and students find their way through the complex process of finding their best fit university!

Let me help you!


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Success Stories

Vanessa Raphaely - Parent of University of Edinburgh student

I highly recommend Heidi. She de-mystified both the options and the processes involved with finding our boy a place on a brilliant course, in a great overseas uni. She held his (and our hands,) all the way! Knowledgeable, thoughtful and connected. If you’re considering sending your child overseas, she would definitely be my strong suggestion as a first call.

Matthew Fehrsen - Student at University of Arizona Global

Heidi was such an important piece in my college application process … When you have someone that’s as knowledgeable as she is about such a complex process it makes it super easy! Something that sets her apart from most institutions is that she understands different education curriculums ... She’s always had my best interest at heart…

Parent of Reddam House learner

It is rare to meet an individual such as yourself who clearly displays combined spiritual , emotional and intellectual intelligence. So evident yesterday. I am relieved that we have met you, and that Crystal especially has you as support to guide her along her future life journey…

Alicia Butterfield - Regional Manager - Loughborough University

Heidi delivers an outstanding service to students. In the last two years I’ve observed her natural tendency to place the students’ needs at the forefront of her advice, as well as accurately assessing their needs in the first place (these can sometimes differ from the student’s own self-assessment). This is also how Loughborough operates and we’ve developed a complementary partnership whereby students receive diplomatic feedback and are clear on what they need to do for successful admission. I’ve been impressed with the feedback from students we’ve received, both in terms of how prepared they are on arrival to the UK and also on their feedback of the interactions with Heidi, who they clearly respect.

Karen - Rondebosch Boys High School parent

You were incredible. Thanks so much. A lot of food for thought and such practical and useful comments. Luke and I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation.

Student - Group Session at Rondebosch Boys High School

Yes it was helpful and gave very good insight on what to look for if want to study overseas and it was a nice way of getting the information you need and it was good experience and the opportunity was great

Iman - Student at University of Warwick

For many years, I knew I wanted to study abroad, however, I didn't know where to start. Heidi helped me tremendously throughout my journey. She recommended universities, aided me in receiving a scholarship and gave me advice about choosing a university that would fit my personality and work ethic. I am extremely grateful for her constant assistance and dedication. She pointed me in the right direction when working on my personal statement and double-checked all my university applications. I always received help the minute I needed it. After I had applied, I was still able to reach out at any moment to discuss how to meet the conditions of an offer and which offer I should accept. She held my hand throughout the entire process and still aids me in my preparation to study abroad.

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